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War Propaganda

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War Propaganda







What is it?


Propaganda plays a part in all wars It may be used to encourage and misinform the home population or to discourage and misinform the enemy. Its influence depends to a large extent on its sophistication and on the sophistication of those to whom it is addressed. The propaganda leaflets distributed by both sides in the Vietnam War were often simple messages aimed at inducing soldiers to stop fighting and throw in their lot with the other side. Australian and American soldiers were urged to go home to their wives and girlfriends and to stop killing defenceless civilians.  The The Australian media and the war hand in hand with the government also used propaganda and advertising to influence the populace. The Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese were encouraged to defect, by offers of safe conduct to resettlcment centres and rewards for handing over weapons.  In this way, the Vietnam war is very different to the other World War's as the propoganda did not revolve around Conscription as much, but more about soldiers coming home. It is unlikely, however, that this war for the minds of men would have had much effect on a dedicated Viet Cong Guerrilla or a well-trained allied soldier. 



Almost every conflict is fought in at least two different ways: 1) the battlefield and 2) the minds of the people through using propaganda. The “good guys” and the “bad guys” can often both be guilty of deception against their people with distortions, exaggerations, bias, factual error and even things that are completely made up in order to obtain support and a sense of legitimacy and authority.  War propaganda also influenced many in peace walks, protests and Moratorium Movements during the Vietnam War.





Elements of War Propaganda


Propaganda can be used to rally people behind a cause, although this often casuing many problems such as exaggerating, misrepresenting, and even making up stories about the issues in order to gain support of those who read it. While the issue of propaganda often is discussed in the context of militarism, war and war-mongering, it is around us in all aspects of life.  War propoganda alike below can sway the audience for or against the war.  Anti-War Movement propoganda circulated especially in the Vietnam War when such organisations were very common during this 1960's era.



 Below: American Imperialism must be driven out of Southern Vietnam



War Propaganda is:(criteria) 

·        Using selective stories that are seen as a broad and objective subject which leads to misinterpretation and even lies.

·        Biased facts that may not be the complete truth, or historical context.

·        Emphathise reasons and motivation to act as a reaction from the propaganda to intimidation on the safety of the person or persons.

·        Some people who are considered to be experts provide insights in to the circumstances. (For example, the typical media set up interviews with retired military personnel to attempt to find out information about an issue.

·        Downplaying the “enemy in a way that pictures the enemy as well as the people of the country (e.g. Vietnam) as horrible people even when the people of the country are not bad people.

·        Using a speech which is misinforming and often untruth. The information is put forward in a way in which through speech it appears to be truth, but in actual fact it is incorrect.






    Uncle Sam

    Propaganda is evident in almost every modern war on a global scale.  More information about the issue of war propaganda in the Vietnam war can be found on this Propaganda site.



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