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Vietnamese Refugees - Fresh off the Boat

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Vietnamese Refugees - Fresh off the Boat


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So far Away from Home


At the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, Vietnam fell to the 'Khmer Rouge' extreme communist movement, led by Pol Pot. This created a new problem for the world as almost two million Indochinese became refugees, fleeing from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for political, religous and economic reasons. Some of these Vietnamese Refugees arrived in Australia, either from a dangerous boat ride over which was risky as they would try and arrive without authority or through camps in Asia which were approved by the Australian authorities.


The FOBS ,"Fresh off the Boats", first arrived in Darwin, Australia in April 1976 in small wooden fishing boats. This was the first of over 500 boats that arrived, without authority on Australia's shores. The journey south towards Australia was not easy as many FOBS died on the way through the rough seas which caused many shipwrecks or attacks from pirates YARRR! The number of FOBS arriving on Australia's shores reached its peak in 1978 and then started to decline in numbers, the majority of Vietnamese refugees being processed through refugee camps in other Asian nations. These refugees first had to undergo a health check from Australian officials who travelled to Asian countries, and then when inspected and approved of were allowed to enter Australia.



Life for The FOBS


Life for the FOBS who lived in Australia, was hard as they all lived very close to each other and made Vietnamese communities such as Cabramatta. The Vietnamese that now lived in Australia were eager to be reunited with their families which lead to the government signing an agreement with the Vietnamese Government, the Vietnamese Family Migration Program. This then changed the resettlements of FOBS on Aussie shores from refugees to arranged migration based on family reunion.


Due to the Vietnamese war more then one hundred and fifty thousand Vietnamese refugees resettled on Australian land. Fifty-five thousand of these came as refugees between 1975 and 1982 while ninety-five thousand came through family reunion. This group of FOBS in Australia is now the biggest community of non-English-speaking.



Real Life FOBS

Khoa Do (pronounced Kwa Doe), who was the Young Australian of the Year 2005, is a real life Vietnamese Refugee. When he was two years old, he left Vietnam on a fishing boat with his parents, who risked their lives crossing the ocean so that their son could live in a better country, which Australia clearly is.


Another Young Australian of the Year, Tan Le, arrived in Australia at the age of four as a refugee from Vietnam. Her parents also crossed the ocean in a rickety old boat, willing to do anything to get away from the hell-hole that was Vietnam.






Vietnamese Refugees

The picture below is a boat full of Vietnamese refugees who are arriving in Australia illegally to start a new life. Many of these people have experienced very hard times in Vietnam and are trying to start a new life. Being a refugee is hard because you have to leave your home, your family and everything you know and learn all sorts of new skills and traditions that you have never heard of or seen before.













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