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Legacy of the War

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  Legacy Of The War 


Vietnam War 1962–72


"Honour the dead, but fight like hell for the living"





There are many differents memorials throughout Australia which commemorate and remember the different soldiers who fought and died in the Vietnam War. These memorials are located in:

Adelaide - SA
North Terrace
Bayside - VIC
Bowral - NSW
Cherry Tree Walk
Broken Hill
Cabramatta - NSW
Canungra - QLD
Home of the AATTV
City of Charles Sturt - SA
The Four Asian Wars
Kallangur - QLD
(Vietnam Veterans' Place)
Maryborough - VIC
Lord Howe Island
Nabiac - NSW
Nannup - WA
Marinko Tomas Park
Newcastle - NSW
Rutherglen - Victoria
Stafford - QLD
(VC Park)
Tumut - NSW
Wollongong - NSW



Legacy of the War


Key Points:


  • Twenty-five years after the end of the Vietnam War, the U.S. still treats Vietnam with a double standard; the July 2000 signing of a bilateral trade agreement is one step toward a balanced policy.
  • Most Vietnamese have put the war behind them and harbor no ill will toward Americans.
  • Vietnam’s political system and society remain authoritarian yet are gradually changing toward greater tolerance and openness 


Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (VVAA)

 The Vietnam Veterans' Association of Australia (VVAA) website has been designed with two purposes in mind. The first, to provide information of special or current interest to Australian Vietnam veterans. For more information on the returned soldiers, visit Vietnam Veterans. The second purpose is to provide for students of all ages, historical context, information about Australia's involvement in the war, Australian units, servicemen and servicewomen.



Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial


The Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial is dedicated to all those Australians who served, suffered and died in that conflict.


It was built largely through contributions from the Australian people and was raised by the Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial Committee. Three concrete slabs, rising from a shallow moat, form the dramatic centre of the memorial. Fixed to the inner right-hand wall are 33 inscriptions, a series of quotations intended to recall events of political and military importance. The photograph etched into the rear wall shows Australian soldiers waiting to be airlifted to Nui Dat after the completion of Operation Ulmarrah. Suspended from the pillars is a 'halo' of stones. A scroll containing the names of Australians who died in the Vietnam War is sealed into the stone, which bears a cross. Surrounding the memorial are six seats dedicated to the memory of the six Vietnam servicemen missing in action.


This photo shows the Australian Vietnam Forces National Museum which is situated in Canberra





Remembering Vietnam

The soldiers from the Vietnam War are remembered through the many different memorials that Australia has. Everyday people from all around the world visit these memorials to remember the soldiers that fought and died in the Vietnam War.


Vietnam War Heroes Video

This is a video of the vietnam was heroes


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National Vietnam Veterans Museum

"The Vietnam Veterans Museum is Dedicated To Preserving & Exhibiting Memorabilia From Australia's Longest War"

The National Vietnam Veterans Museum is located in Newhaven, Victoria. The museum is very new and was officially opened by the Victorian Premier, Steve Bracks, on Friday 9 March, 2007. The museum holds and preserves artefacts from the war.




Breaking News: Vietnam War soldiers' remains returned

 The Sydney Morning Herald reported this story of the Vietnam War soldiers whose bodies were returned to Australia this week. This action shows that the government is working to create closure for the soldiers family after this monstrosity.


"The remains of two Australian soldiers killed in the Vietnam War were repatriated early this week (6/6/07). A team of Australian veterans unearthed the remains of Lance Corporal Richard Parker and Private Peter Gillson in southern Vietnam last month".


The pair were killed during a November 1965 battle east of Saigon. At the time their bodies could not be returned.   



Reference List


Information provided by Belle and COON


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