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Australian Engineers- the tunnel rats

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~The unofficial motto was "Non gratum anus rodentum" which translated to "Couldn't give a rat's arse"~


Left: the unoffical

emblem of the tunnel




During the Vietnam War, American, Australian and NZ troops shared an alliance and undertook surviellance and search and destroy missions in an extensive and complex underground tunnel system. They were given the name of "Tunnel Rats."


The tunnels were built by the the "Viet Cong", also known as the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam. They played an important role in resisting American and Australian operations. Whenever the American, Australian and NZ troops discovered an enemies tunnel, the Tunnel Rats were sent in to kill the enemies underground and destroy the tunnels using explosives.


The Tunnel Rats were mostly men of a small build who had good common sense and were very brave to deal with the horendous and challenging conditions. They had to crawl through narrow, pitch black tunnels for many hours at a time and sometimes men would have nervous breakdowns and would not be allowed into the tunnels again.


The tunnel rats also used mnay traps as part of thier Guerilla Warfare tatics. This photo to the left is a common trap that they would set up. It would look like the Another trap door.ground and then when an unsuspecting solider walked on that ground they would fall into these spikes. The Vietnamese would also add poison to the tips. This trap isn't desgined to kill the enemy but to injury them. This would be done because it would take more effort fromm other soliders and resources to look after and heal the wounded solider then if he was dead. To injure the solider would create more of an advantage to the Vietnamese.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         No injured and dead Tunnel Rats were left behind in the tunnels, they were dragged out by ropes or their fellow soldiers. The Tunnel Rats were armed with a knife, pistol and a flashlight which was nothing compared to what many of their enemies were equipped with.


The tunnel rats were a unique breed of soldiers in Vietnam. They were said to go through the immense tunnel system in Vietnam that had been built by the Vietnamese to keep the French out. The system was then expanded when the Americans arrived.


The Tunnels Rats unofficial motto was "Non gratum anus rodentum" which translated to "Couldn't give a rat's arse". These tunnel rats gained a great reputation for their contribution in the war and should be remembered as part of the legacy of the war that we still commemorate today.





The Cu Chi Tunnel System


The Cu Chi tunnels are a complex network of underground tunnels in Cu Chi in Vietnam. It was these tunnels that the majority of the Australian Tunnel Rats travelled through and attacked during the Vietnam War. These particular tunnels were used as hiding spots, communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon storage and living areas for soldiers. The conditions in these tunnels were harsh. Air, food and water resources were overstretched and the tunnels were home to ants, spiders, mosquitoes and rats which lived alongside the soldiers.



















Mel Coleman and Dane van den Bogaardt








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at 9:01 am on Jun 13, 2007

hmm what can i say, awesome wiki mel....i thought it a bit ONE sided though, only ONE point of view!

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at 9:03 am on Jun 13, 2007

This wiki page is quite basic and does not make you want to read about the topic. There is no structure to this page and although this information is undestandable there must be more relevant and detailed information on this topic. It has a limited number of pictures and links which decreases it visually. Good use of example though =)

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quite good although its obvious the femalwe influence meaning clearl mel did most of the work. it is still very good . two thumbs up mel.

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Good job Mel :)

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MEL!!! i really like your wiki

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Danes throwing another tantrum so... Good job again Dane...

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MEL i think u did a great job good info and marli says it too, the infor is to the point which is wat we like! nice use of layout girrl. i luff it long time

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yeah this could be a great page but i didnt read it.
Great job!

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at 9:00 am on Jun 19, 2007

"The Tunnel Rats were mostly men....", WELL THEN THEY AREN'T RATS ARE THEY. Besides the whole page being wrong about the rats, I think it's the best there is, the least objection made about it compared to other pages, I give you ⅞ out of 20.

Anonymous said

at 9:55 am on Jun 19, 2007

yeah dane, i'm going to remove your picture at the bottom, i agree with "nobody suspicious", the tunnel rats are actually mostly men and not really rats, therefore irrelevent

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